Meet The Alchemists

Chris Nicola and Garth Hodgdon met at a Krug Champagne tasting in 2014. At that time, Chris was working for Apple, Inc. and Garth was Krug's US Ambassador. Naturally, their mutual love of champagne resulted in a wonderful friendship spanning across years of experiencing food, wine, travel and, of course, unique and unforgettable champagnes. Today, their vast experience and knowledge has coalesced into a great team of professionals working hard to meticulously curate a portfolio of some of the very best champagne producers on the planet.

Their mission, rooted since the beginning, is to bring unique and undiscovered producers to the forefront of the industry, one relationship at a time.


What we do

We are a direct import company, focused on bringing the best undiscovered small grower champagnes into the US.

We wholesale and distribute to online / traditional retailers, restaurants, bars and DTC.

We are focused on small, artisanal, grower, organic and biodynamic producers.

We are 100% focused on Champagne and representing their exceptional wines and region.


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