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Champagne Paul Clouet

Bouzy is a one of the most famous terroirs in all of Champagne. It is positioned in the Montagne de Reims, on a broad fully south facing slope with enough distance from the Marne River to truly be considered a “mountain wine.” It is one of the warmest villages in the region and rightfully so has gained a reputation as one of the best places outside of Burgundy to grow Pinot Noir. Even centuries ago, when the vineyards of Champagne were much cooler, Bouzy had a reputation of ripening fully and making the best wines.


Champagne Paul Clouet was  established in Bouzy in 1907 by the grandmother of current owner Marie Thérèse Bonnaire. She takes lead from her parents and former proprietors of the estate Marie-Louise and André Clouet and the winery is named in homage to her grandfather Paul. Marie Thérèse is married to Jean-Etienne Bonnaire who, along with his brother Jean-Emmanuel, now handle the day to day winemaking and farming.


The family owns 6 hectares spread across the region in villages like Chouilly, Cramant, Cuis, Bergères-les-Vertus, Fossoy and of course Bouzy. There are only about 50,000 bottles a year that are produced by Paul Clouet and all the wines are made in the same facility as the Bonnaire wines - in Cramant. The Clouet wines have an identity all of their own. The Champagnes are ample and robust in the way wines from Bouzy are, yet they also feature a finesse and polished structure that makes them distinctly their own.


If you are in need of accommodations, the Clouet family runs an impeccable 5 room bed and breakfast on their property in Bouzy called Les Barbotines. Housed in a  charming 19th century building, it is well appointed, and centrally located, for travelers looking to explore Champagne.

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