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Champagne Augustin

Champagne Augustin is a domaine consisting of two families coming together under one house representing over nine generations of winemaking. Marc and Emmanuelle, a husband and wife team, along with their sons Arthur and Maxence run the business. They own nine hectares, across two villages 1er Cru: Avenay-Val-d’Or and Vertus. The domaine lies in the heart of the Champagne region Avenay-Val d'Or, its terroirs and grape varieties are a guarantor of excellence. Pinot Noir, king of the Montagne de Reims and Chardonnay, which reigns supreme in the Côte des Blancs, combine forces. Far from vying for attention, these two varieties stimulate each other to create balance. in addition to Pinot and Chardonnay they own a micro plot of Meunier.


Everything is done by hand with a real respect for the environment, from the farming, pruning, tending the vines, to the type of Coquard press and gravity flow underground system designed to have minimal intervention of the wine. Everything is setup to respect the biodynamic practices and philosophy first introduced in 1924 by Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925). A respect for the living world through biodynamics is more than just a method for them, it is a philosophy and way of life. Emmanuelle is responsible for creating the ethos, identity and brand of the Champagne Augustin range, all designed to work in harmony with the philosophy of the champagne house. She drew her inspiration for the concept behind their cuvées from the principles of biodynamics.


Just like the planet we live on, Augustin Champagnes are made up of four elements. Among the incredible lineup of champagnes there are four wines named after these elements: TERRE, AIR, FEU and O2 Rosée. In addition there are two single vintage 'sans souffre' wines, a Blanc de Blancs and a Blanc de Noirs, and a very rare Rosé de Saignée GAÏA, from old vines that undergo a 24 month geo-maturation process, buried in the soil under the vineyards of the grapes that form the wine. The micro plot of Meunier they own goes into one of their most unique and rare champagnes, the top-of-the-line Cuvée COEUR SAPHYR Blanc de Noirs.

Marc's philosophy as a winemaker is: «My vineyard is like a canvas. Beauty emerges if you take the very best of each element and allow the alchemy to operate. This is how our cuvées are created.» His holistic approach and philosophy to farming and the winemaking process: «From the very outset, my aim has been to practice green viticulture, leaving the smallest possible footprint on the environment in which we live.» The Augustin family's strongly-held shared belief is: «The World is a single entity and every action generates a reaction. Let’s choose positive actions which promote harmony.» Champagne Augustin is AB and Demeter certified.

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