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Champagne Nathalie Falmet
Rouvres Les Vignes, Côte des Bar

After studying chemistry in Paris XI and graduating in oenology in Reims in 1993, Nathalie Falmet took over the family estate and became a winegrower in the ‘Côte des Bar’. She is both a winemaker and a certified Oenologist. She works in parallel in both lines of work.

The vineyards of 3.40 hectares, are managed with sustainable cultivation on higher Kimmeridgian clay-limestone soil where grape varieties, soils and specific plots of land express themselves naturally. Together with different methods of winemaking, she produces a variety of vintage and multi-vintage wines. Nathalie's philosophy of growing the vines, vinification and winemaking is of course the healthiest, as far as the respect of nature is concerned, but it also leads to a purity and unmatched quality of wine. She works the vineyards with a sustainable farming approach, with a focus on small artisanal production overall. Her goal is to place her wines where the consumer is an oenophile that can appreciate the multi-faceted dimensions of the wines, the singularity of some of the single plot wines, and the overall exceptional quality she strives for.

Her philosophy in her own words: "In my opinion, the typicality of a wine is nothing more than the combination of a soil type, a microclimate, a plant and man. It is possible to love a wine simply by appreciating the person who made it. Behind every label there is a winemaker and it is essential not to disassociate the two. Of course, the soils have a considerable influence and in each territory, in each municipality, the winemaker makes the difference between their wine and their neighbor’s"

Nathalie has her own in-house laboratory to do the analysis on the wines. Her vinification techniques are broad, employing various vessels including various amphora, thermo-regulated steel vats, and 350 L casks.

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